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    Providing boutique property management service in the Launceston real estate industry.

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    Professional and personalised property management for owners, investors, and occupants.

The vision of Property Wise Launceston is not only to provide the best Property Management Specialist service on the planet; it is also our passion to improve and enrich the lives of our clients on a daily basis. It is our goal to ensure every client, be it a single property owner, a multiple investor or one of our valued occupants, feel that we genuinely care about them and their investment goals, proving we will always go that extra mile to ensure they are heard and well taken care of.

We want to provide not only a fantastic, specialist service but we want to encourage people to continue investing in our beautiful state and all that Launceston has to offer.

Contact Property Wise Launceston to discuss how they can assist you today!

Personalised and professional service should be the top of your list for your valued investment protection.

  • "Definitely at the pinnacle of property management in Tasmania."

    Alex Robinson
  • "Sally is exceptional in her professionalism and communication. Of note, I can’t think of a time she hasn’t followed through on an enquiry or concern - we never have to chase her up! A pleasure to work with, highly recommend"

    Lucas Saunders
  • "Thank you so much for your lovely review of our service Kathy. It has been our pleasure to assist you. We wish you all the best for your future. Kindest Regards, Sally - Property Wise Launceston"

    Kathy Dwyer
  • "I couldn't recommend Jamin highly enough. Her attention to detail and easy manner helped me to feel comfortable and reassured. I could tell that she genuinely cared about my needs. I would definitely recommend contacting her if you are looking for a rental."

    Sarah Haberle
  • "I love Property Wise! They provide a personalised feeling in all communication."

    Kat Lokan
  • "Jamin is a delight to work with! Professional, friendly, exceptional service."

    Charmaine Percey
  • "Renting through property wise was an amazing experience :) I have never had such a kind and caring real estate who really care about their tenants xx"

    Jasmine Johns
  • "Very happy, friendly staff - pleasant to deal with. Very happy with the smooth transition over from our previous agent to Property Wise."

    Josie Silk
  • "The best decision we ever made was to engage Property Wise to manage our rental property. The team are so professional and helpful. We feel extremely confident leaving our property in their capable hands. Thanks so much Sally and the rest of the team!"

    Jo Lodge
  • "There was exemplary service, and astounding professionalism, also Jamin was friendly and efficient. Would recommend!"

    Johann Cerecke
  • "Renting through PropertyWise was a great experience! I was living in one of their properties for around two years. Celeste and her team at PropertyWise have a great deal of respect for their tenants and are quite reasonable and easy to deal with. Highly recommend to everyone in the Launceston area."

    Md Derikvand
  • "I've been in contact with Sally. Never have I received such beautiful service from a rental agency - she's direct, honest, very helpful and so friendly."

    Stacey Wood
  • "Absolutely recommend Kelcy at Property Wise! Her phone skills are amazing and her customer service is second to none!"

    Laura Garwood
  • "I definitely recommend Property Wise. Lovely girls -especially Kelcy, her manner is fabulous."

    Montana Walters
  • "So excited to have Jamin back in the real estate game! She's the only property manager I've ever had that made me feel like a real person! With her kind and caring attitude... I wouldn't rent from anyone else."

    Tracey Spohn
  • "I don’t think I could recommend someone as a property manager as highly as I could Jamin. Her courteous, caring demeanour helped put us at ease when settling on a place to live and her ongoing duties as our property manager were conducted in an equally helpful and professional manner. 6/5"

    Nick Spohn
  • "Thank you, Jamin for being such an attentive and easy to deal with property manager. Finding the right place to call home in the rental market can be tricky, but your friendly nature and patience in answering our questions made the process a breeze. Thanks once again!"

    Elspeth Campbell
  • "Just a shout out to Kelcy! She has been nothing but accomodating and brilliant. After the death of my father, Kelcy has kept an eye on suitable properties for my family to move into. Her customer service is so genuine and authentic. Thank you, Kelcy!"

    Kasey Seal
  • "Property wise was great to deal with. All the employees were really friendly and in particular, I had a great experience with Kelcy. I highly recommend."

    magichearts22 tudor
  • "Jamin Gillman is by far the best property manager I have ever had (and I've had several). Not only does Jamin have a high level of professionalism and excellent attention to detail, she is also totally approachable and best of all - caring. She cares for both her tenants and her property owners. I can't recommend her enough. If only there was one more of her!"

    Susanna Klauber
  • "I love working with Sally, she is always pleasant and friendly. As a client, she is a dream to have on my books. Much warm regards - Ethical Bookkeeping & Admin"

    Christine Bergman
  • "Lovely people to deal with very helpful"

    Kerry Hodgetts
  • "We have loved dealing with the ladies at Property Wise. They have been polite, efficient, thorough, and helpful from the very start. We continue to be impressed with their professionalism."

    Natalie Mullan
  • "Highly recommend Sally and her team at Property Wise. Great communication and fast to respond I could not recommend them enough!"

    Ashlee Zanetto
  • "Excellent property manager. Proactive and thoughtful."

    Robert Short
  • "Property Wise, fantastic! Don't waste your time looking at other property managers. I should have switched years ago. Thank you, Sally, Celeste, Kelcy, and Jamin"

    Nick Ruppert
  • "The team at Property Wise are the most professional and thorough property managers I have ever experienced (apart from being completely helpful and friendly from day 1 ). I so wish I had known about them to manage my properties. They are the best!"

    Sarah Holmes
  • "Exceptional service"

    Gaynor Ellingsen
  • "I have been a Tenant with Property Wise and I have never been treated with such love, respect and Kindness. No matter how big or small a problem could be in your life, these amazing ladies and gentlemen will never leave your side. I cant wait to buy my forever home with you one day, thank you for all your support. Bree xx"

    Bree-elle Haycroft Gouda
  • "Been renting through Property Wise for a couple of years now and they're incredible. It doesn't matter how big or small a problem is, they take care of it. Their service is outstanding. I couldn't recommend them enough :)"

    Brianna Viney
  • "I have just rented my first property through Sally. She could not have been more helpful, even going out of her way to contact me while she was on holiday. The whole process has been so easy with her help. Thanks again, Sally!"

    Melissa Harris
  • "Felt completely looked after and took all the hassle out of putting a property on the rental market."

    Steve Henty
  • "Professional, kind, caring and supportive of other businesses in Launceston. Property Wise is an asset to our industry."

    Jessica Bryant
  • "Fast and efficient service by Sally and the team. Answered all our queries promptly and got us into our amazing rental."

    Nicole Haywood
  • "Thanks so much to Sam Spilsbury for providing us with such a pleasant renting experience and making the vacating of the property so easy and not stressful! The team at Property Wise is great to rent through and nothing was ever too much trouble. After a lot of years of renting it is time for us to say goodbye only because we are now entering the Home Owners world! Thanks for everything guys! :)"

    Emily Ralph
  • "Having experience in the industry, I know that Jamin, Sally, and the girls run a tight ship. Their vacancy rates are very low as they prioritize renting your home out quickly, but also to the right person. They have great processes in place to protect your investment."

    Clint Gillman
  • "Many thanks to Sally Shaw. I am really glad to meet you. More success with the business! :)"

    Evangeline Domingo
  • "We are currently renting with these guys and just finished our first house inspection, they were polite, honest, and fair"

    Tobias Clarke
  • "I have to thank Jamin for her excellent service and for finding my family and I a house that we would probably have overlooked, but which we love and are extremely happy in. All of my dealings with the Property Wise Launceston team have been pleasant and efficient."

    David Cooper
  • "When I first viewed one of Jamin's property videos I was truly gobsmacked. They are professional, engaging, and above all informative. The point of difference this creates in the market for Landlords is amazing. She is a game-changer and with proven strategies, can find and secure the very best quality tenants. If you haven't considered this woman for your property management needs you are missing out."

    Barry Wheeler - PRD Hobart
  • "Sally has been so helpful and I would definitely recommend her service."

    Emma Fry
  • "Jamin's customer service is amazing. You viewed the property, on the next day she contacts you in the morning, you get the leased to be signed on the afternoon. How fast it is. Excellent customer service, very fast during the process. Thank you so much for Jamin and the team."

    Dominic Efendi
  • "Sally Shaw and her team have a great reputation for excellent communication and service. Any dealings I have had with Sally and her team have been fantastic and so prompt. You will not regret making contact with this team!"

    Rachael Briggs
  • "Sally and the team provide amazing service and are always easy to contact from a tenant and landlord perspective. Their professionalism is unrivalled. Absolutely recommend using Property Wise to take care of your place!"

    Sarah Aquilina
  • "Would like to thank Jamin and the team at Property Wise for making the transition into our new home enjoyable and stress-free, The team is extremely professional and very prompt in responding to any questions we may have, We look forward to continuing to rent through Property Wise."

    Hayden Skeggs
  • "I'm a property manager myself, and I think Sally is awesome. She's incredibly knowledgeable, and I really admire how she runs her business. She's certainly head and shoulders above her competitors. Well done, Sally!"

    Joanna Natoli
  • "Sally was a delight to deal with when I moved into a new rental in Launceston in 2018. Super professional, warm, and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble. Highly recommended!"

    Stacey Polomka
  • "Sally has been a lovely person to work with this year! Always so friendly and open to ideas."

    Courtney Woolston
  • "I rented with Property Wise for 2+ years and the pleasure was all mine. Sally and Celeste were both friendly, professional, and eager to help with any questions, queries, or issues I had had. Not to mention the entire Property Wise team is accommodating and quick to respond! I would (and do) happily recommend them to anybody looking to rent or buy property in and around Launceston."

    Shanice Woodward
  • "Hi. My name is Ken and I own That's Handy maintenance Services in Launceston. I have worked for Sally and her team for around 4 years and have found them to be very professional and nothing is a problem. I am always paid on time which is important being a sole trader. I would recommend Sally and her team to anyone that needs there services."

    Douglas Niel
  • "I have had the privilege of working with Sally and her team over the last year. I can confidently say they not only have a professionally driven attitude to the way they do business but a kind and genuine disposition that in the world these days can be sorely lacking. I highly recommend their services."

    Kristen Lyness
  • "Sally from Property Wise Launceston is very professional and efficient. She is awesome and always eager to help or answer questions regarding our investment property. We look forward to continue working with her."

    Bee Hwa Ting
  • "I highly recommend Sally & the team from Property Wise Launceston. I met Sally through real estate industry training, and she owns & operates a great dynamic office. The team are very knowledgeable & offer a great professional service. If you’re looking for an expert team. You won’t be disappointed."

    Kelley Seaton
  • "My name is Donna Stroud & I'm a local Launceston business owner, who has known & worked with Sally & her team for several years. The professionalism, care & attention to detail is second to none. If you are either a landlord or tenant, wanting outstanding customer service, I would strongly recommend contacting Property Wise. I promise you won't be disappointed it!"

    Donna Stroud
  • "I have put my two rental properties in Sally's team's hands for almost a year. She is very organised and efficient. She has taken the stress out of managing a rental /investment property."

    Nathaniel Jackson
  • "I am currently renting a property which organized by Property Wose Launceston. Sam and Sally are the people I speak to whenever and whatever I have problems. They are awesome and greatly helpful such as helping me adding housemate to the list which I do not know how it works. They are always patient and efficient. Thank you for helping."

    Fan Yu
  • "My partner Ellen and I approached Property Wise for information about investing in a rental property. Sally was not only professional but very generous with her time, information, and suggestions. We both found her a pleasure to deal with."

    Michael D'Argaville
  • "I've been dealing with Property Wise for several years now and they have always been such a pleasure. Sally and her team are committed to a high standard of professionalism while still maintaining warmth and personality through their communications. I am always impressed by their integrity and dedication and would recommend them highly."

    Vanessa Vanderburgh
  • "Sally and her team really know what customer service is all about. Her industry knowledge is considerable and she is very generous with her time and energy in her advice to us as amateur investors. The team is always very responsive, explaining things clearly, and helping us identify our options to maximise our investments. I wish we had engaged them long ago!"

    Ann Fair
  • "Hi, I'm Damayanthi Premathilake and we are new to Launceston and we desperately wanted to find a house for rent. Jamin from Property Wise was really friendly, empathetic, and cooperative in finding us a proper home with a decent neighborhood in this beautiful state. I wish Jamin, Sally, and Property Wise all the good luck."

    Damayanthi Premathilake
  • "We own and rent out a house that Property Wise manages for us. Sally and all the staff at Property Wise are supremely helpful, and always on top of anything that needs to be done. We are always happy and are glad that our tenant is well looked after too. Can't recommend them enough."

    Samantha Crow
  • "Sally has a broad knowledge of property management and a bright personality to match. She's passionate to deliver great service and always available to help. I would highly recommend calling her today and experiencing her 10-star service."

    Elisaia Laga'aia
  • "Very quick & friendly responses for enquiries - the team are happy to help😊"

    Tiah Kew
  • "Sally and her team at Property Wise Launceston are truly fantastic. Not only are they professional in their management of the properties but they truly care about their clients and what is important when it comes to achieving results. I highly recommend these ladies for all things property and people management."

    Nicholas Pennington
  • "Sally and her team at Property Wise are professional, honest, friendly, and incredibly dedicated to providing the best service to both Property Owners and Tennant's. They have a high level of industry knowledge which ensures a stress-free experience!"

    Sarah Alatimu
  • "Sally is very professional and easy to deal with. She has an awesome team around her, which is a pleasure to deal with. No hassles, no stress!!!"

    Scott Reed
  • "I have known Sally for several years now and have always had exceptional service and support from her and the Property Wise team! Well done Sally for setting the bar so high!"

    Michael Preece
  • "The definition of professionalism is Sally and her team @ PWL. I have worked with Sally for almost a decade in providing long-term & at times, complex property management solutions. Sally and her team have never failed."

    Shelscott 8167
  • "Sometimes you come across someone in the industry that's on top of their game. Sally knows her stuff, it's great having access to her knowledge. Thanks, Sally, appreciate your help."

    John Georges
  • "The team are always great to deal with and very quick to respond :)"

    Georgie Malisauskas
  • "Really appreciate the coordination of maintenance work by Sam. You know how to take care of your clients."

    Amila Amarawardhana
  • "I received fantastic and prompt assistance from a group of very friendly ladies. Thank you."

    Claire Hayes
  • "Sally is absolutely amazing and very professional. She has always been prompt with any sort of queries and assistance whenever I needed. I would highly recommend property wise as your real estate agent."

    Afnan Khair
  • "Very professional and always available. I absolutely recommend property wise as your agency."

    Sara Fogliano
  • "Sally has managed our residential investment property for 12 months now, we are absolutely thrilled with the professional service we have been provided with!"

    Andy Howell
  • "I always receive fantastic and prompt assistance from a group of very friendly ladies. Thank you"

    Saad Bajwa
  • "Sally and her team at Propertywise have made me feel so much more comfortable renting out my property in Launceston. Their eye for detail is incredible. I feel totally confident my house is in good hands and equally so, the tenants. Nothing seems to be too much of a problem, they are incredibly responsive to any queries. I would not hesitate to recommend Propertywise!"

    Jennifer Banks
  • "We were recommended to the team at Property Wise by a local sales agent and have been really impressed. From the time of our initial appraisal meeting with Sally to the day the property was rented to a high-quality tenancy was 5 days, in a difficult Covid-19 market. We have found working with the whole team pleasant and friendly and are really pleased with the results. We love your service!! Thank you Property Wise!!"

    Sukhwinder Sohal
  • "Professional and responsive staff"

    Melvin Abedini
  • "We found Sam and Sally from Property Wise to be friendly, patient, and very responsive. Great service, thanks, girls!!"

    Darcie Hunt
  • "Sally & Sam, They are so Professional / Reliable and a pleasure to deal with We could not be happier having Property Wise Launceston handling our Rentals, they have for a long time now, the properties have been well maintained and the Tenants have been great. If you're looking for professional service with a smile, this is the Agency to be with."

    Keith Wallace
  • "Have been nothing but great since I have started renting through them. Always so happy and helpful!"

    Jaidan Ryan
  • "Friendly, good communication!"

    Stephanie Mills
  • "You have been wonderful! Always friendly and very prompt answering any queries!"

    Josie Silk & Luke Sawford
  • "Good! Excellent response time to calls or enquiries. Easy going, communication style with tenant issues."

    Glen Lesperance
  • "Very good. It is also nice to just talk to you, even if we don't have any concerns to discuss."

    Nelly & Hans Buhler
  • "We have had no problems in any dealings with Property Wise. They are very professional and respond to any emails or concerns promptly. Thank you."

    Jocelyn & Alan Parnell
  • "Excellent, thank you!"

    Amanda Tapsell
  • "Overall, very good!"

    Derek le Marchant
  • "Very easy, no problems!"

    Susan Gee
  • "Extremely happy, I was found a great place to live. Dealing with Sally outside of normal business hours made this possible. Everything is so clear and easy, nothing has been a problem!".

    Kassandra Martin
  • "Excellent and very prompt response on maintenance, very approachable."

    Melissa Turnbull
  • "Very helpful".

    Natasha Jarman
  • "I love Sally, she is wonderful. Sally makes you feel like an actual person not just a tenant, with her personal touch during communication. I am so happy to have Sally as my property manager again." Note: This is the second testimonial received from Katrina.

    Katrina Lokan
  • "It has been a hassle-free experience. I've always had really quick responses from Sally regarding any of my queries or issues."

    Petrina Manoharan
  • "Efficient, professional, and modern service by Sally. Any maintenance request followed up in a timely manner. I love that I can transfer my rent directly into Property Wise's account instead of being forced to use One Rent. I also love that I can email any maintenance requests directly."

    Jodie McNab
  • "Excellent service. Friendly and professional!".

    Derek le Marchant
  • "Amazing! Always lets me know what's happening, great communication. Super friendly and reliable!"

    Toni Dettmer
  • "I'm very happy with how quickly you've found a tenant and that they seem like a good long term prospect. You've been both attentive and a pleasure to deal with."

    Marc Thompson
  • "The uppermost echelon of professionalism, great communicators, first-class listeners, task-oriented, always striving to exceed expectations. Sally and Celeste, a class act !"

    Pam Gilbert
  • "Unbelievable service and attention to detail are second to none."

    Dave Corbett
  • "Property Wise accommodated my seachange move from Melbourne in a seamless and helpful fashion. As property managers, I can’t speak highly enough of how diligently and tirelessly Celeste and Sally are in achieving the best for their tenants."

    S. Hussey
  • "Property Wise is run by very professional, involved women who look after the owner’s asset while also valuing the tenant. Well done!"

    Joyce Williamson
  • "Could not pick a more lovely and easy to deal with bunch of women!!! Ridiculously helpful in everything they do and so efficient and thorough that you really don’t have to worry about anything, they take care of the lot and answer questions you didn’t even know you had!!! The only company I recommend for property management!!!! Keep rocking it ladies!"

    Kristie Davidson
  • "Great service and manage our property with no fuss."

    B Maynard
  • "Sally and her team deliver a very professional yet personal service – with spot-on timely information and that extra bit of care. Quick and clear communication makes even the most complex, stressful matters easily and swiftly dealt with. Highly recommended!"

    Daniela Cavalletti
  • "A professional organisation who are very friendly and easy to deal with, especially using means other than calling!"

    Sheree Phillips
  • "Highly recommended team of motivated, dedicated, professional property managers. You won't be disappointed!"

    Lyndon Abley
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Sally in the past and I am so proud of the business she has created. Sally and Celeste are amazing property managers and their ultimate goal is to always look after their clients to the best of their ability. I highly recommend this team!"

    Catherine Bissett
  • "I have had the pleasure of consulting with Sally for over 12 months. During this time I have found her attention to detail and customer service beyond industry expectations. This lady makes you feel as though you are a member of her family. I have no expectation in recommending Sally"

    Mark Grant
  • "Extremely happy with the property management service that we’ve been receiving for our investment property. Can highly recommend!"

    Martin Novosel
  • "Cannot recommend Property Wise Launceston enough! I am so thankful they gave both myself and housemate a chance, with Celeste keeping in contact with us to see how we’re going. They are highly professional and will talk with you; not down to you. Providing a welcoming and caring service, Celeste has made us feel very comfortable throughout our first rental experience. What more could you ask for!"

    Kirsten Britton
  • "Amazing management specialists! GREAT professionals service!"

    Tatiana Costin
  • "We asked Sally to be our property manager many weeks before the house we have just bought was settled. During this time, Sally has made herself available to answer our questions and has gone over and beyond our expectations and has been so kind. We look forward to "officially" having Sally as our property manager, as of today, for many years to come!"

    ilve Hunt
  • "Best marketing, communication and follow up of any issues. Have complete confidence and trust in Sally and her team to look after our property"

    Sylvia Petlach
  • "We have been dealing with Sally for over 8 years as both a tenant and property owner. We have always been impressed with her professional attitude and her personal attention to each property. If you are looking for a property manager who really 'knows' your property I would recommend Sally at Propertywise."

    Kirsten Hill
  • "Lovely people, great properties available, and the best agency I’ve ever dealt with. Deserves 5 stars!"

    Brigitte Wolfe
  • "Sally and the team at Wise have managed our property for a year now and we couldn't be happier with how she's looked after the tenant, ourselves and the property the whole way through... just great, professional and with a smile for all. Highly recommended"

    Roland Hanekroot
  • "The girls are very professional presenting and managing my property extremely well. They make leasing them out completely stress-free."

    Fred Schoenmaker
  • "Fantastic service, very friendly and professional."

    Susan Hanson
  • "I’ve now been dealing with the Team from Property Wise for almost two years now, and have found them to be one of the most professional and Outstanding people to work with."

    Deniz Yusuf
  • "Sally has been amazing helping my family to secure a rental property as quickly as possible she has been very professional and empathetic to our situation and I highly recommend them for all your real estate needs. She has been understanding, very kind, and helpful. Thank u very much, Sally!"

    Julie North
  • "The team at Property Wise are incredible, Sally in particular! Given we live interstate, for us personally there was a lot riding on finding the right property manager and they tick all the boxes and then some. The 2 biggest things for me are the attention to detail and the clear indication that they care about you and your property. They're a rare find indeed!"

    Nigel Gralton
  • "Property wise Launceston is the best! Sally and Celeste are always there to help in any way they can, Thank you, ladies, for all that you have done for me and my family x"

    Rachael Flanagan
  • "Sally and her team are quick to respond and fantastic communicators. I wish I could rate Property Wise higher than 5 stars!"

    Carrie Twine
  • "Amazing service. So easy to rent through!"

    Emily Ralph
  • "Sally & Celeste are glorious, great commutation and I have absolute confidence they make sure our house is being looked after as if it were their own"

    Angie McMahon
  • "Amazing people to deal with, always willing to help and going the extra mile to get things sorted be it renting or selling of your property. Celeste & Sally both are very very helpful. *******HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*******"" "

    Sammi Nad
  • "Amazing service! Sally went above and beyond to help me through the application process. Very professional and a pleasure to talk with. Excellent back and forth with communication, throughout the whole process of inspection to signing of lease. A very positive experience. I’d recommend Sally, and Property Wise Launceston to anyone."

    Daven Fry
  • "Had a great experience with Sally and Celeste at Property Wise - friendly, helpful, professional and prompt. Would recommend to anyone looking to sell or rent in Launceston!"

    Jo Levis
  • "I like their prompt & efficient service they are very professional on their job thanks a lot"

    Joseph Yared
  • "Sally and the team have perfected person service with high attention to detail and high care factor of our needs."

    Anita Ayre
  • "Sally is a leader in the property management industry. She is hardworking and dedicated and an expert within her field. I would highly recommend Property Wise Launceston for any investor looking for the best agent in the area!"

    Melissa Hickson
  • "Handle maintenance issues quickly. Excellent, highly professional and prompt service. Friendly, approachable, very reasonable and great to chat to for advice. Make you feel part of the family."

    Dayna Geier
  • "Always fantastic, friendly, and professional service!"

    Andrew Hall
  • "The girls at property wise are efficient and easy to deal with. It is a delight working with them as they always have their clients' best interests at heart."

    All On Contracting
  • "I have found the team at property wise to be professional, willing to employ the latest technology, and helpful. I have not had cause to request maintenance issues."

    Barry Todd
  • "A great team who provide high-quality service. Tailored great options for me to view, and delivered excellent advise on inspection."

    Nathan Gibson
  • "As a tenant, I found Sally and her team extremely easy to deal with. Always pleasant and supportive and professional in manner. Happy to recommend them to anyone looking for property managers"

    Heath Penney
  • "These ladies really know what they're doing. They're proactive, they are constantly amazing me with what they're doing to get me even one or two days without vacancy and they're all over all the minutiae that I need them for. Couldn't more highly recommend."

    Kirsty Dunphey
  • "Sally is super easy to deal with. On the occasions that I have needed her support, she has always proven herself to be very professional. Her response times are prompt and her communication style makes the process in no way complicated or confusing. Keep up the great work Sally and Team."

    Aaron Krause
  • "Sally has made my day with the exceptional personal service made me feel human and not just a number looking for a property. Looking forward to moving in 😊"

    Megan Ramskill
  • "Expect nothing but the best when dealing with Wise Property, Sally Shaw is not only professional & compassionate, she just outlines tremendous & expects nothing but the best when dealing with Wise Property. By day number 1 Real Estate Company in Launceston 5+ :)"

    Kristy Scott
  • "Thank you, Sally, for all of your hard work and dedication to finding myself and my children a home to rent at such short notice. We will be forever grateful. The time and effort you put in were above and beyond. So again thank you Sally and Property Wise."

    Bridgette Townsend
  • "Sally and her team are first class in the property management market. They are prompt, helpful, and go out of the way to make you feel valued. I have had many dealings with Sally and every time I have been impressed beyond measure. Keep up the wonderful work team."

    Joe Dolbey
  • "I couldn't recommend Property Wise more if I tried. I would have her manage my investment properties in a heartbeat. Honest, friendly, reliable along with a very organised manner, Sally & Celeste are your girls! If you are looking for a team who will manage your investment like it is their own, then don't hesitate to contact the amazing team at Property Wise Launceston... you will not be disappointed."

    L K
  • "We have been beyond happy with the service we have received from Sally and Celeste. From our initial meeting, Sally made me feel comfortable with renting out our home and nothing has ever been too much trouble. Thank you, ladies."

    Leah Stokes
  • "As a renter we’ve had an excellent experience with Property Wise. We have been made to feel valued as tenants, and communication has always been easy and prompt. Thank you Sally and Property Wise!"

    Megan Turale
  • "Sally is a legend! She's very friendly, professional, and caring. I'd happily recommend her to anyone."

    Gareth Church
  • "Sally and her team at Property Wise Launceston excel when it comes to all things related to property. Client service & satisfaction remain paramount in their day to day operating rhythm while achieving the best possible outcome for their clients - couldn't recommend more competent agents!"

    Callum Dyson
  • "They are lovely to deal with and great commutation and well truly look after you"

    Nate Cripps
  • "Sally and Property Wise are fantastic. The service we have received has been exceptional. Swift and clear communication, good information, diligent management of our property. I will recommend Property Wise to anyone who will listen. Don't shop around, I have done that for you."

    Aidan Langford
  • "So professional, efficient and made the whole process quick and easy. Would definitely recommend! Thank you!"

    Hayley Patten
  • "I have always had the best attention from Sally and Celeste in managing my property, the team have always given friendly and highly professional advice and know how with any issue that has arisen. I would not hesitate to recommend them, they are excellent !"

    Carol Forbes
  • "Many thanks to Jamin & Sally for finding the ideal tenants for our property so quickly! I found Jamin to be professional, patient & enthusiastic at all times and would not hesitate to recommend Property Wise to others."

    Jen Bonner
  • "These ladies really know what they're doing. They're proactive, they are constantly amazing me with what they're doing to get me even one or two days without vacancy and they're all over all the minutiae that I need them for. Couldn't more highly recommend."

    Kirsty Dunphey
  • "Thank you, Sally Shaw!! You have been amazing to deal with could not recommend Sally or Property Wise Launceston enough!!"

    Andrew Duck
  • "Celeste was great to deal with and went above and beyond for me with my busy schedule. I had no time and she went out of her way to handle everything for me when moving out of my property. Can not recommend property wise enough."

    Brandi Heighway
  • "Sally and her team got myself and my partner into a rental so quickly and professionally, great service and all round good people."

    Jake Rigby-Saltmarsh
  • "Sally and Property Wise are fantastic. The service we have received has been exceptional. Swift and clear communication, good information, diligent management of our property. I will recommend Property Wise to anyone who will listen. Don't shop around, I have done that for you."

    Aidan Langford
  • "Jamin at Property Wise so easy to work with. She understood our needs and was so personable. Her kindness and professionalism made us feel heard. Recommended!"

    Chris Rattray
  • "I have no hesitation in recommending Sally for her prompt, knowledgable and friendly service. She went out of her way to understand and respond to my situation. I felt my property was in very good hands from the start, and that I would have peace of mind going forward"

    Cindy Ong
  • "I would recommend Jamin Gillman from Property Wise as she has always gone out of her way to assist me in settling into my new rental property. The follow-up customer service is excellent as well."

    Linda Heidstra
  • "Jamin and the Property Wise Launceston team are amazing. The entire process of renting our property out has been so easy. Both our tenant and Jamin look after our property as if it was their own, which gives us real peace of mind. I highly recommend Jamin."

    Ryan Bromley
  • "We've known Jamin for a long time and over the years she has consistently looked after us. We highly recommend her as a property manager. She gets things sorted."

    Madeline Dingemanse
  • "Best property management team I've ever had as a tenant! They are always professional and helpful, especially Kelcy and Celeste :)"

    Kim Lethborg
  • "I am a property manager also and know Sally to be motivated and enthusiastic about her company and about doing all she can to give the best service and communication to her clients."

    Jacqui Morton
  • "Sally and her team at Propertywise Launceston have provided me with an exceptional service as a property owner and I would highly recommend them ."

    Douglas Michael
  • "Thanks so much to Sam Spilsbury for providing us with such a pleasant renting experience and making the vacating of the property so easy and not stressful! The team at Property Wise is great to rent through and nothing was ever too much trouble. After a lot of years of renting it is time for us to say goodbye only because we are now entering the Home Owners world! Thanks for everything guys! :)"

    Emily Ralph
  • "Great service and attention to detail."

  • "The girls at Property Wise Launceston are incredible. Highly responsive, constant communication, answering my questions before I had even thought of them! Will definitely use them again to find tenants for my next rental property. Thank you, Team!"

    Sophie Bain