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What to Look for in a Property Manager

Episode 1 – What to look for in a Property Manager

Saturdays with Sally – This was our first Facebook LIVE event. Every wanted to do a Facebook LIVE event to communicate with our audience. Our aim is to offer education content to investors, property owners and occupiers in the Launceston rental market.

In this episode, Sally spoke about ensuring that you interview your potential property manager. How can you ensure they are the right fit to your personality and are able to communicate well with you. There is so much more value in a good property manager than just finding one that can work for the least amount of money. We always recommend you talk to your accountant about tax deductions surrounding your rental property including your management fees. If your fees are tax deductible, why would you choose the lowest agent? If you do, you may be in fact getting exactly what you pay for.

Other tips for what to look for in a property manager while you are interview them, may be as follows:

  • Ask how many properties the property manager looks after?
  • Have you met with the business development office or the actual person who will be looking after your home?
  • Has the property manager owned their own investment property before and do they really know what it’s like to be an investor?
  • What is the agencies policy on rental arrears and what steps do they undertake to manage a positive outcome?
  • What legislation information do you require and how will your property manager protect you?If you would like access to a list of 15 interview style questions that Sally recommends you interview a potential property manager with, please do contact Sally directly.

Don’t forget to tune to our Facebook page for future tips on Facebook LIVE. You are able to ask questions live and have Sally answer them for you.  What if you miss it? Don’t worry, the recordings will then also be placed here for you so you don’t miss an episode!

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