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Rent arrears during Covid-19

Are you tenants in rental arrears? Rent arrears policies explained below!


Here at Property Wise Launceston, we pride ourselves on having a very tight rent arrears policy. As you can see in our video below, we feel all great agents will have this type of policy. Often this will be called a “Zero rent arrears policy”. We pride ourselves on not only our policy itself but how we execute it and maintain outstanding results for our clients, our agency and for our tenants rental history. We love to not only say we have one but demonstrate this report at any point for transparency across our business.

Amidst the absolute storm that Covid-19 has brought to us all worldwide, it really has been something that we have been working hard to navigate.

We are really proud to show that amidst this storm, for the month of May 2020, our results speak for themselves with proof shown during the video. During this time we had no more than 2% rent arrears on a portfolio of over 200 properties with numerous days at 100% of rental payments paid on time or in advance. To us, that is a huge achievement and one that doesn’t happen on its own.

For our property investors to have rent being collected not only on time but actively working for them as well as for our tenants who may not have ever noticed if their rent was clearing to the agency 1-2 business days after it was due. Whilst in the big scheme of things, this may not seem a lot but at the end of the tenancy, this could mean a tenant not obtain a new rental history if it indicates their rental payments have been consistently behind. We pride ourselves on providing such pro-active results for all of our clients, property owners, property investors and also tenants who live in our rental properties in the Launceston area.

Thank you to you all for your support in our business. If you have any questions on this, please reach out to me so we can discuss.

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