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Episode 3 – Property Management Fees

Saturdays with Sally – This was our third Facebook LIVE event. Every second Saturday, we do a Facebook LIVE event to communicate with our audience. Our aim is to offer education content to investors, property owners and occupiers in the Launceston rental market.

In this episode, Sally provided information on how to select a property manager’s fee structure that works best for you! Some agencies offer a percentage with extras or a flat fee. Sally also provides you with some tips on how to break this information down so you can decide accurately and honestly what is the best package for you to select. This episode also includes providing the information on what our company fees are. Top tip: Use your calculator wisely!

Different fee structures:

  • Do the fees include or exclude, GST?
  • What does each fee structure include?
  • Is marketing included in the letting cost? Are you paying for the company marketing profile?
  • If you are looking at an “all inclusive package”, have you used the calculator to work out if this cost is adequately reflected in not only the first year but each year moving forward depending on if your tenant stays long term or vacates?

If you would like any assistance on how to break the fees down, please contact Sally directly and she will gladly give you some tips to ensure you are not a victim to hidden fees or fees that sound, “too good to be true”.

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